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As you are probably aware, independent hoteliers are under constant pressure from chain hotels and networked properties to reach out into the market place and sustain their share in the current global environment. This in turn implies a stronger need on the part of the independent hotels for a professional sales, marketing and management support system.

HOME-LIKE HOTELS (HLH) was formed in 2007 to address this need and aims to be a leader in this segment. To provide India's numerous independent hotels with the ability to sell and market their product to a wider audience through innovative use of the latest travel and hotel technology and with the dynamic support of a professional sales, marketing and management with global reach.

If you are looking for a long term commitment to quality & service and want to be part winning system with its sight set on the world status. Please call us, try us, join our system, our winning brands are built to last on your satisfaction.

Together we can achieve our goals.

"A unique collection of Fine Serviced Apartments, Residences and Individual Hotels across India with great character and exceptional value" -
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